Sunday, May 10, 2009

Holothoth's Mirror-Lecture # 1

Greetings cyberworld, my name is Daoud Foster, PhD. I am a Doctor of Metaphysical Sciences, Licenced Occupational Therapist, Certified in Esogetic Medicine, Kirlian Photography, Advanced Crystal Therapies, Internationally trained in Thothetic Medicine, which includes the field of Astro-Kemetic Spiritual Science, Afro-Asian Chinese Medicine, Naturapathy, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Hypnotherapy, Auricular Therapy, Kyro Hand Therapy, and I am a Certified Quantum Biofeedback Technician.

My extensive background in Health Care Rehabilitation Management and therapeutic service care has positioned me to provide you with cutting edge holistic lifestyle quantum conscious prospectives in 21st century informational products and services. As an occupational therapist and complimentary alternative health care medical professional for 17 years, I have experience in providing therapeutic medical services for patients with spinal-cord, brain injuries, shock trauma, psycho-neuro mental rehabilitation, adult and childhood developmental dysfunction's, ADHD/ADD, autism, stress reduction and life style wellness coaching.

My career and research has evolved into deeper levels of understanding self help, occupational performance as it pertains to human development recovery, self enhancement, holistic therapeutic interventions, and quantum bio energetic processes. In future blogs I will extrapolate a metaphysical, bio energetic, quantum conscious, psycho-spiritual understanding of stress reduction in 21st century "Quantum Perspective Self Help Health Care Modeling."

I would first like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the fact that we are all living in a world that is forever evolving. My goal is to utilize this forum as a vehicle of educational awareness through informational products, services and to articulate my personal years of matriculation and professional experiences pertaining to Preventative Restorative Health Care, Quantum Conscious Living for a Healthier Life Style in our ever changing world that is plagued with stress uncertainty and environmental changes.

For instance how often do we think of ourselves as electrical beings? Being struck by lightning, and walking on a rug and then touching a doorknob. While these two experiences are more common than not, this is as far as it goes for the average person to realize that electrical fields are a part of our daily rudimentary lives. Electro Magnetic Pollution is a phenomena that is gaining world wide attention as having a degenerative affect in the minds and health state of every consumer on the planet. We are bombarded with fields of electricity from the utilization of electronics such as cell phone and microwave use. Our modern lifestyle comes with a hefty price that threatens the integrity of our health and overall well being. This will be discussed in future blogs so please feel free to forward your comments, thoughts, questions and perspectives.

Health care is in the midst of making a "Quantum Leap" from treating a dis-ease health care system into preventing dis-ease health care system utilizing a " Quantum Wellness Model". Quantum health care works on a subtle level and effects the gross levels of our beingness. Mind, body, bio energetics, alternative/complimentary, vibrational medicine are the fine tuners and holistic systems used all over the world today to bring one into a balanced state of existence. In order to gain insight into our well being, we must ask ourselves some important questions about the state of our existence, if there is such a reality.

Holographic Thothetics Perspective Lectures will attempt to ask the questions related to our reality of conscious well being and provide experiential, empirical and theoretical possibilities of our quantum existence as it pertains to science, spirituality, and technology related to bio energetic dynamics.

Asking the self a question influences and ignites a holographic process within our brains that creates a resonance field of photogenic information that allows ourselves to connect to the Divine Source. This is a Holographic Thothetic process of self imaging through quantic reasoning. Simply put, you are what you think. The power of prayer is common all over the world. This form of conscious intentionality is more powerful than we realize from a collective perspective - i.e. "quantum subspace biology resonance."

Holographic Thothetic Model (Virtual Light Beingness) is a creation of Dr. Daoud Foster, (AKA HOLOTHOTH). Holothoth is a cyber entity creation (the alter ego of Dr. Foster's Perspectives on quantum spiritual/biological thought processes as it pertains to holistic lifestyle modern world views). This is my free flow of connectivity to the spiritual nature of Medicine, Science, Spirituality, Technology and a voice to this blog sphere. Holothoth's image is depicted through Dr. Foster's brand as a human head with a projection of light beginning in the occipital region of the brain (back of head) area projecting full spectrum light into the frontal region of the brain. We can metaphorically and energetically state that the posterior portion of the human brain physiology represents the past. The middle or parietal lobes left and right represents the temporal or field of information that unites left temporal lobe (logic) with right temporal lobe (creativity). These resonating photogenic fields of light within the areas of the corresponding lobes have a tendency towards projecting a wider resonating field of light towards the frontal portion of the brain. This is where we make sense of the quantic fields that produce a highly intelligent organization of symbolic awareness processed thought forms. This sophisticated system is taken for granted by the masses, and experienced in every milli second of collective existence.

We are now equipped with a plethora of information as to how the energetic photogenic light event creates our ability to perceive and process everything in what we call reality. Holothothetics means " To know the whole light of the self" which is always reflective in nature. We are the sum of all that we perceive. It is by virtue that we are virtual in nature. This is the spiritual side of science and the bases for Holographic Thothetic Prospective (HTP). We now can validate the fact that each cell in our body is made up of atoms hence the explanation for the brand of Holothoth depiction having an atom in the face of the logo.

In my next blog, Holothoth will discuss the Holographic Thothetic Perspective (HTP) of what it means to be made of light. What are the psycho-spiritual and physical dynamic of being atomic and electrical in nature? What does electricity, radiation, cell phones, computers, microwave's, poor diet, and acid water have to do with the state of our health? Stay tuned for more. We have just begun!

Remember "responsibility to the self requires the virtue-itive nature of being. "Awareness" is the divine self reflective nature hence "virtual light beingness." Reflections of Light being requires an inner tuning process of listening to the divine source from within. This is the primer for Quantum Wellness Health Care Programming (self care with consciousness).

Peace and love to all sentient beings. This is Holothoth the cyber quantum health care wellness information specialist signing off . In the Light we are and so shall we go.... !!